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Was Avatar Just The Beginning?

During my weekly scan of the New York Times I came across an idea that I haven’t been able to shake. To be honest, it’s something I’ve been thinking about since my second screening of Avatar… I’ve been quietly pontificating but now I’m going to wonder out loud, with you.

The line in the New York Times read, “Put on your 3-D glasses — What isn’t in 3-D these days?”

So I ask, are you with the pictures—have you made the switch to 3-D?

Are the classic and modern ideas of simple, clean lines becoming blurred, maximized and digitized? If more and more directors, executives and influential companies are getting on board with this techno-trend, is this a shift, does 3-D really have legs?

I might be able to get used to seeing the world in blue and red but on the flip side, I am not willing to sacrifice image/picture quality and refined brand iconography for what may just be a passing fad. Design innovation is great and I love how 3-D bends traditional in-the-box concepts and ideas. I confess, I did see Avatar not once, but twice and loved being taken into the picture in a whole new way but that doesn’t mean I want to see any old rom-com in 3-D. There is a time and a place for this technology—in the coming months how many marketing departments, designers and branding professionals will implement this technology.

…And for all you golf fans with a 3-D capable box, you might want to mark you calendars and stay on the look out: