Who doesn’t love apps?

Every day there seems to be new applications that make the world slightly more enjoyable. Apple even has a program called “Genius” that recommends new apps they believe you’ll love, based on the history of the apps you have already downloaded.

Here are a few of my favourite iphone apps:

Shazam: Identify music tracks, buy them, share the tags with friends and learn more about the artists.

Cleartune: Tune your musical instrument with Cleartune.

G-Park: Tap “Park Me!” Then, when it’s time to head back, tap “Where Did I Park?” and follow the turn-by-turn directions to your vehicle. Oh, and don’t forget if you park at a meter, set the timer on your iPhone—it will alert you when the meter runs out of time.

Bucksme: Find the closest Starbucks, how great is that? Other apps are available for your preferred coffee house.

Facebook: Connect directly to your Facebook account.

What apps are on your smartphone?


1 Response to “Who doesn’t love apps?”

  1. 1 hura1989
    September 30, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    I personally like the MSN application. You can communicate with anyone via MSN and it competes with Blackberry’s bbm application. I also like the Google Earth application. Flashlight is also a very handy application to have!

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