When has branding gone too far?

“The Beach” versus the “The Beaches” — When has branding gone too far?

Branding has gone too far when local residents spend time and money arguing about whether the Toronto area should be called “The Beach” or “The Beaches.”

“There has been endless debate over the official term for the area. While old school Beachers call the area “The Beach,” the uninterrupted stretch of shoreline actually has four different names associated with different sections. Moving west to east we find Woodbine Beach, Kew Beach, Scarboro Beach and finally Balmy Beach, leading many to endorse “The Beaches” as the name for the entire length that runs from Woodbine Park at the bottom of Coxwell Avenue to the R. C. Harris Water Treatment Plant (locally known as the water works).” http://www.kwadvantage.ca/the-beach-versus-the-beaches

Although the street signs now officially read “The Beach,” I am tired of being corrected by local residents when I use the term “The Beaches.” Does using the singular or the plural make any difference in the overall brand effectiveness? No!

Do you think it is worth investing time and money to argue about brands at this level of detail?


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