brand makeovers all the rage this year!

When you think of the word “Nike”, do you think of sports? Or perhaps you think of the words “fun” or “active”? Why is that? Well, Nike has—since the 1950s—successfully aligned its brand with its consumers.

How has Nike been able to stay fresh for over 50 years? Simple—they constantly re-invent themselves while staying true to their core values.

Today, many industries are realizing it’s important to redefine the brand’s appearance to remain competitive in the face of a growing global marketplace. Revamping a brand can be as small as a little identity botox or as extensive as neurosurgery, with the brand undergoing comprehensive shifts in image, culture, best practices and personality alignment for maximum desirability.

Facebook enjoys a regular nip and tuck, constantly revamping social network pages and services to reinvirgorate its relationship with existing users and attracting new members. Head and Shoulders recently underwent a major facelift to take its brand from a “dandruff-only shampoo” to a line of complex hair-care products. They stayed authentic to their brand, continuing to offer dandruff protection while attracting a wider demographic with new scents, conditioners, and other hair-care features.

While the core essence of the brand must remain true, its appearance must be both maintained and updated to sustain its relevancy and value, reflecting what is happening in the world today. Ask yourself, are you still wearing your high school hairstyle and clothes? Well? If your brand is—get a makeover, like now!


1 Response to “brand makeovers all the rage this year!”

  1. 1 gtagirl
    July 30, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    So true…I have seen some pretty bad “mullet” brands out there crying for a makeover.

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